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Using our approach, we synthesize information from syndicated reports, secondary data, primary research studies, social media intelligence, industry experts, internal data and other sources to provide a complete and integrated view of the market. Our approach ensures multiple validations of every data point and inference while leveraging a variety of sources. We have solid experience in market size estimation and we specialize in creating market sizing models for niche/emerging markets where no syndicated market data is readily available.

Besides expertise in leading industry-standard research technology products, we have developed technology solutions and platforms that enable quick integration of multiple data sources for our approach.

Our powerful visualization options help you to bring out the market assessment story in an impactful manner. We can engage in ad-hoc projects or continuous/modular programs, which involve ongoing market tracking and periodic updates, ensuring you receive significant long-term value.

Our customers derive business value in various ways as we help them answer questions about the market scenario at various stages.

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We are a Kenyan-based wide-ranging Consulting Firm providing consulting services to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), the Private Sector, Development Agencies, Public Sector/Government Institutions and Individuals. AA has its office headquarters based in Nairobi and envisions expanding its branch offices in the larger East Africa region

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