Research is the process of creating new knowledge among a community of learners that includes undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and community members. Research begins with a question. Why? How? To answer these questions, students pursue interests in fields as varied as domestic violence, microbiology, health economics, and French literature.
Students in the liberal arts, business, economics, and social sciences often go to the library to find recent journal articles on a particular subject, photocopy them, and read and summarize them with your own comments. You may also collect, enter, and analyze data, conduct interviews or observations, recruit subjects, work on web sites, transcribe audio, organize a conference, edit written work, or catalog information. In addition to these tasks, students in the sciences may also do experiments to confirm results, build equipment, do laboratory maintenance, prepare samples or perform assays, maintain a culture in vitro, or collect and analyze samples.

No. Our model shows that economic growth is strongly correlated with social progress, but the direction of causality can go from social to economic and other factors are important too. Hence economic development alone is an incomplete development strategy.

We want to break down the barriers that have separated thinking about economic development and thinking about social progress, to help countries and other communities design development strategies that are more holistic and more effective.

Yes, AA does conduct global market research. Utilizing our network of sampling partners, we can gather sample from almost any country in the world. In addition, we support the administration of surveys in multiple languages, including double byte languages like Chinese and Japanese.
Market research surveys can be effectively used to measure the level of relative awareness and perceptions of your brand among target consumers. This allows you to see your competitive strengths and weaknesses and point out where you need to invest your company’s resources. Companies that apply this technique present a believable and consistent brand message to their customers, resulting in greater sales, growth in market share, and higher profits.

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We are a Kenyan-based wide-ranging Consulting Firm providing consulting services to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), the Private Sector, Development Agencies, Public Sector/Government Institutions and Individuals. AA has its office headquarters based in Nairobi and envisions expanding its branch offices in the larger East Africa region

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